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Thread: Sporting Clubrun destinations

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    Thanks Ken, emails received. I'll try to organise it when I'm back home on Friday or Saturday.

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    In the past we've stopped the cafe stops in January as Bjorn says. Although I must admit it's been a while since I've done a January club run! There is of course no reason those who want to can't break off and head to a cafe, (so long as the ride leader is made aware).

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    Anyone who want to volunteer as ride leader on Sunday 23/11, 30/11, and later. Preferably with better navigational skills than me.

    Let me know and we can put it on the calendar.

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    Happy to lead for 23/11. Other side of Newmarket plus cake.

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    Anyone for an earlier start in Sunday? 8:15? It looks like rain later in the day. I also need to be back a bit earlier.

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    I assume we stick to the tradition and drop the coffee stop on Sunday for the Sporting+ ride. I planning to join on Sunday, and will work out some alterantive routes, including possible passage/stop at suitable convenience store/shop/petrol station if no one else does.

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