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Thread: Sporting Clubrun destinations

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    Default Sporting Clubrun destinations

    The calendar no longer shows a destination for the Sporting ride, do they stop over the winter?

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    No, they probably have not just had any volunteers to lead them, so its up to the people on the day who show up. Between now and February the sporting+ rides stop as well, often led by Tim Williams, but again, destination usually determined on the day.

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    Hi Chris, Wes,

    Ian Hopkin and Michael Halloran organise volunteer rides leaders for sporting ecah week. I suspect that it's a case of not having sorted out the next couple of months and posted them to the calendar.

    Now that Mrs Taylor is club runs Capitaine I am sure that this will be resolved shortly!

    It would be good if the sporting+ could do the same .......


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    The Sporting+ does not arrange destinations for the simple reason that there is not always a Sporting+ group. Depends on whether enough people show up for the Sporting group to necessitate splitting it.

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    The sporting group is often huge leaving only a handful of takers for sporting+. Perhaps the split would be better if they were both called sporting and went to named destinations?

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    Hi Martin,

    Definitely worth a go!


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