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Thread: Ken Platts - Fractured Pelvis (among other things)

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    Default Ken Platts - Fractured Pelvis (among other things)

    From the time trialling forum:

    "Following on from the ECCA 100 startsheet thread, Ken had a spill on his bike about 1 mile from the finish of yesterday's ECCA 100.
    He remounted to finish - breaking the vet's age record with 3.47 (though he reckoned he was on for a 3.41 if he'd not crashed).

    He got a lift back to the HQ (5 miles from the finish) where Anne Shuttleworth, Lea Marshall, and Paul Smith and other mates helped him out and got him and his missus to nearby Addenbrookes Hospital where son Tom works.

    Ken's been diagnosed with a fractured pelvis and 5 broken ribs.
    He's in ward D8. Not sure how long he'll be in for.
    Visiting times are 3-5 and 6-8pm."

    Here is the link to more up to date information (and well wishing messages) as he may have been moved by now:

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    Oh and a message from Ken himself:

    "Dear all,
    Toms just been visiting and logged on so I can reply to thank you all for your kind wishes, really do appreciate it.
    Still don't know exactly what happened, was approaching Littlebury with about 4 to go, next thing I know bike swerves wildly to left,correct it, but bike snakes and I go over bars, been riding the bike14 years with no problem and know its handling inside out, best guess is wing mirror clipped bars, it would only take a very light touch , but it all happened so quickly so not sure.

    first reaction was ow that hurt,immediately followed by "I can still destroy the National age record". Took about 3 mins to sort bike out, back wheel out, chain on, try to sort gears but cable had broken leaving only 55-12. Got back on bike,gear very big and it hurt a bit more than expected, going up climbs around Audley end was a bit of a challenge, I'll check details on Garmin when I get home.
    anyway made it to finish to knockabout 41/2 mins off record. The minute I stopped excruciating pain kicked in, just shows the power of adrenaline! Pretty much collapsed onto ground as legs wouldn't support me,and I ve since found out why. I'd like to thank everyone who helped at finish and HQ, invidious to single anyone out but Annie and Leigh were fantastic.
    Damage way more extensive than I imagined- 6 broken ribs, three fractures in pelvis, and compression fracture of sacrum. Good news is they don't think surgery is required, bad news is the initial guidance is no weight bearing for 12 weeks. Hope to see consultant tomorrow for a face to face with the aim to dramatically reduce this
    Thanks to all those who've visited, I'm going to try to talk my way out of here as soon as I can, so if anyone is thinking of coming, please check I'm still here,- would love to see visitors but hate you to have a wasted journey

    Thanks again everyone

    My sneaking suspicion is that he wanted to get his hands on the coveted stabiliser trophy, it's just about the only thing he hasn't won!

    Get well soon Ken.
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    Sorry Tom Begg, but you've met your match now!

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    So Tom told me he's already been discharged and (despite doctors orders) is already moving about the house with his crutches.

    Cyclists make the worst patients.

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    Thats not right!
    I had a whole lot of conflicting advice from different doctors and physios, so I asked to see the pelvic specialist and am following his advice to the letter!
    Would be keen to hear from anyone who has experience of recovery from pelvic fractures in the cycling context, either posting to message board or private email to

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    Have now downloaded the garmin so some statisitics.
    Crashed at 97.5 miles at 3-35-23 ( so actually only did 2.5 miles with injuries - but believe me it felt like 4 miles!)

    first 25 in 56-21
    second 25 in 54-54
    third 25 in 54-06

    4th 25 including crash in 1-02-12

    Based on speed from 90-to 97.5 extrapolated for final 2.5 miles would have given a time of 3-41-22 which would imply a last 25 time of 56 mins which fits very well with the data above.

    Thats the beauty of time trialling , the endless debates about what you could have done on certain courses and certain days if you'd been there. As it was the record book will show 3-47-38, a 4 1/2 minute beating of the NAtional age record, rather than the over 10 min smahing of it that I was aiming for.

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    I had a fractured pelvis 50K into the PBP in 2011 after being slammed into by an overtaking trailer, rode to the finish 1150K later but couldn't walk to save my life. At controls I had to do a sort of controlled crash to stop and get off the bike - couldn't support myself with the damaged side so couldn't casually lower the good side and the damaged side wouldn't take any weight, had to slide off the saddle and put the good leg down as the bike stopped. Controls were excruciating painfull taking hours as riders had to walk between bike park, control and restaurant. After I finished I slept at the Arrivee hall - then everything seized up and became much worse. Spent a few daysin the hotel laying in bed uncomfortably, made one trip back to the finish by bike to see others finish which actually wasn't too bad. Two days later I had to get back to the ferry, the hotel was near Versailles so it was a 170K trip to Caen. after about 30 K of discomfort riding became pleasant again. Made it to the ferry ok. Ferry was a hell of shuffling from bar to toilet and back again. Drink didn't help. Couldn't face cycling fin the UK side because roads are too busy and stopping and putting my foot required too much time for urban cycling. I could hardly walk to the bike on the ferry and required help of others with me.

    Cycled home from Cambridge station, OK because it was late in the evening so didn't need to stop. Once I got home I dug out the crutches I'd won from a previous accident on foreign shores. Moving around on crutches was no problem. Next day cycled to work with crutches tied to the rear rack. Came a cropper when I couln't get my feet on the floor quick enough at the work bike park. Hurt like hell but didn't make anything worse.

    At the point I thought I had pulled some tendons on the upper leg but things weren't getting any better so after a few days I went down Addies. They confirmed the fractured pelvis but said they couldn't do anything. They were slightly surprised by finishing the event but thought I was doing the right thing by doing active recovery. They said the injury was self limiting in that if I could do something it was Ok. They didn't know I had just cycled down there.

    I set up the turbo at home and used it every day. I put a stool next to it so I could enter from behind over the saddle lower myself onto it. If I'd had a women's shopper I'd have used that.

    Don't sit still, keep everything moving. Keep weight off it. That assume the hip joint is undamaged.

    Now a broken ribs are another ball game. I'm learning about those myself. I was knocked off by an overtaking cyclist on the Ardechoise last Saturday at 38mph. 3 fractured ribs, broken clavicle and a slightly punctured lung. I can't lay down in any position comfortably enough to sleep but I've just done the lawn Ok.

    Hope we both recover soon - See you at a TT in August.
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    That's unbelievable! How many breaks in your pelvis? Was it a stable or unstable fracture?
    The consultant was adamant I must not get on a bike for 6 weeks (most of the other docs said 12)
    There absolutely no way that I could have ridden the distances you did, and to have ridden again so soon after. I have 3 breaks on left side,( unstable) and one on the right (stable) so they are letting me put weight on Right leg.
    TT in Auguest- no way- unless you meant Aug 2015


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    2, stable I think or else I would have noticed. It did click if I tried to move the leg on the broken side bearing it's own weight, e.g. trying to get out of bed. As I said, I couldn't put any weight on it, I couldn't walk and I couldn't cycle out of the saddle but one side was undamaged - or at least did not hurt if stood on one leg. Doctors are often a bit paranoid/ignorant about cycling. The questions really be: should the injury be immobilized? Should the injury be protected from impact? Can the injury take weight? If the answer to the first is no and sitting on a saddle doesn't affect the injury then it is Ok to cycle - you may not be able to or shouldn't generate any power on the damaged side. Of course it may be too dangerous to cycle on the road with the injury and it may be that another fall would be catastrophic. That wouldn't preclude turbo. My injury slightly affected a sit bone. It sounds like your injury is a lot worse than mine, mine was probably similar to your right side. Probably should do what the docs say at least until you understand the limitations of the injury.

    Did it hurt when you rode to the finish? Mine didn't for the 150K to the first control although I could feel something was wrong. I did wait 10mins before getting back on the bike to allow for concussion, shock etc.

    Did they need to operate?

    Ribs are a bit of a pain - literally. The only comfortable positions I've got are standing and sitting where my arm sling stresses my neck. With the pelvis once I got hold of crutches I don't remember needing pain killers but with this collar bone and ribs I'm on them all the time.

    Anyway best wishes. Tour starts next week - French docs said I can't work for 3 weeks which only covers the boring first week.

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    hi Nick,
    Yes it sounds quite abit different to mine. it hurt like **** riding to the finish! and the minute I finished I couldn't put weight on legs and collapsed to ground.There no way I could exist at moment with out strong painkillers . I tried to half the dose and 'twas agony

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