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Thread: Making the forum open again

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    Default Making the forum open again

    Hi All

    The Cambridge CC committee decided to reverse their previous decision and make this forum open to the general public again. This is because it is felt use of the forum has declined since making it private to club members. Before i ask Chris to do the deed does anyone object?

    Poll, PM or reply tho thread.


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    I don't think making the forum public or private has any bearing on the activity of the forum, it's still only members of the club who can post.
    I think the main reason the forum is not so active is because there is a far more active Cambridge Cycling Directory page where members are more inclined to post, it is already used for items related to the club that do not make it to the forum. Plus Luke is far more active on twitter where members can source information about club runs and results. Even on Strava now we get info about club TT's and club runs. With four outlets of club information something is going to lose out, and I'm not surprised its the forum.
    Herts Wheelers & Hitchin Nomads have an FB page as their main 'forum' and have very active pages, personally I prefer this method of communicating because you get answers to queries very quickly, can far more easily link to other media and can involve more members who are already on FB but don't bother with this forum.

    So asking a wider question, should the forum be closed in favour of starting a new FB club page, or merging within the existing Cambridge Cycling Directory?

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    Not everyone is on FB, or Stava, or follow twitter. Each serves an audience, but they do not all overlap. The committee decided to better integrate with Strava/FB/twitter in the future, and this should happen in the next few weeks.
    Cam cycling directory is not a CCC page (pretty much anyone can join) so that is not an option.

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    There is a Cambridge Cycling Club group on facebook in addition to the Cambridge Cycling directory. -

    I'm in favour of opening the forum up again, in hindsight it was a mistake to close it I think.

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    So who actually owns (setup) these Facebook, Twitter etc. accounts under Cambridge C.C.? There are lots of posts from "Cambridge C.C." but presumably these in reality have come from one or perhaps a couple of people. Doesn't really seem right to me. The forum is better in this respect as it doesn't really belong to anyone (ok there are some moderators but this isn't really the same) so there is no problem with the messages being posted being claimed or not claimed to represent the actual opinion of the club. And yes I agree the forum should always be open.

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    The Ely CC use facebook as an open group and as I am a member i can post and see comments. I use FB and twitter more than the forum as its more accessible on my phone where as the forum is not so instant and viewable on my phone using the browser with a small screen.

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    So am I reversing the changes? If so, how far? Do you want to restrict posting rights to members only?

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    I think the 13 people that view this forum have already voted Chris - change it to public with only members posting!

    Duncan I think anyone can post on the Cambridge CC Facebook group. Twitter works differently, it's more like a newsfeed than a forum. It's run by our newsletter editor Luke Sikkema.

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    How do i delete my profile please?

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    Does that mean you object then Phil?!

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