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Thread: Tri-athletes must be loaded

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    Default Tri-athletes must be loaded

    £47 to enter the Cambridge Duathlon!!!!!

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    I think that's pretty cheap by duathlon/triathlon standards, it will probably get sold out in no time.
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    Its also essentially 2 races in 1. I doubt anyone is getting rich on this.

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    Where's the money going then? You can enter a time trial or a road running race for £10 each but combine them together and it costs nearly 50 quid? I could understand it if it was a real triathlon and they had to hire a lake or something...

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    Triathlons and Duathlons are lucrative because you can get 1000s of entrants rather than than the 60 - 120 you get in TTs and RRs. Combine that with participants who are mostly much less tight than Duncan and boom, you've got a profitable race.

    There are lot's of triathlon/multisport companies making a killing out there, charging far more than the Cambridge Triathlon Club do.

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    Almost seems like they want to make a profit?!

    They should of course run at a huge loss, and be forced to re-mortgage the house, and sell a kidney/child/crystal-meth.

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    OK, I assumed tri would be run by clubs on a non-profit basis like cycling and athletics.
    Although there are businesses who run (fun)run type events for modest entry fees (e.g. the Wandlebury 10k, Cambridge - Ely 10m).
    I still can't believe people pay this kind of money. Clearly I'm not wealthy enough for this sport.
    Pity, if it was 15-20 quid I might have entered.

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    With my Triathlon Club hat on...

    The fixed costs of the Cambridge Duathlon are about £8k. The Cambridge Triathlon costs are quite similar. The size of the field varies dramatically according to whether it is a qualifying or championship race. Sometimes it is over subscribed and makes good money (a few thousand) sometimes it isn't and it doesn't.

    The infrastructure is significantly more than for either a running or cycling race as the transition area is part of the course.

    We need something close to 80 people to setup and marshal each event.

    The cost of running the Triathlon Club are significantly more than the Cycling Club (roads might be free, but swimming pools are not). The income from promoting races offsets some of the costs and keeps the membership and session fees down.

    As far as the cost to competitors goes, few triathletes race every week, or even every fortnight, whereas a lot of cyclists (and some runners) race twice a week. The investment in each race (money, time, planning, energy, emotion...) is much greater.
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    Thank you Tim for your informed contribution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimW View Post
    The fixed costs of the Cambridge Duathlon are about £8k.

    Where does the bulk of this go then?
    The only thing I can think of that a duathlon needs extra that a bike/road race doesn't is a portable bike rack to set up in the village hall car park.

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