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    Default Ike Saul Road Race

    This year the race was tough, long and windy.

    Early on the attacks started, the riders had decided this race would not end in a bunch sprint. Conditions were right for the hard men.

    Several times a group formed, getting up to 30-40 second gaps, but the bunch was in a chasing mood and these were all eventually closed down.

    Finally a group of three came together off the front that was working well, comprising of Glyndwr Thomas (VC Norwich), David Bamford (ELV) and Anthony Purnell (Cambridge CC) the three pushed on hard. However not hard enough. Douglas Bradshaw slipped of the front going up the finish hill, gradually bridging to the group down the road as the race entered Kingston.

    Working together this group pulled the gap out to 60 seconds.

    Just before the bell tolled we saw several solo attackers coalesce into a bridging group, that teased out a gap of 30 seconds, 20 behind the group up the road.

    Then on the final lap the bunch reacted. Strung out, a line riding in the gutter, they pushed on hard around the back end of the circuit, shelling riders on every slight rise. Eventually, just over the Orwell hill the chasing group were caught, though the bunch was still some 40 seconds behind lead group.

    As the lead group approached the narrow roads of the Eversdens, a good 4k out, Mr Bradshaw attacked. Initially the group did not react, though the chase was soon on. Pushing on with the Dave and Glyndwr chasing hard through the blind corners and up the the finishing hill Doug's gap pulled out further. At the top, exhausted he claimed the the win. Glyndwr, David and Tony crossed the line shortly after.

    Well done Doug a great victory in the home race, thanks everyone who participated, supported and assisted.

    Full results will be on BC website, top 10:

    1 Douglas Bradshaw Cambridge CC
    2 Glyndwr Thomas VC Norwich
    3 David Bamford East London Velo
    4 Anthony Purnell Cambridge CC
    5 Alex Minting Neon Velo
    6 James Moncrieff Finchley RT
    7 Theo Doncaster CC Ashwell
    8 Ralph Mullan Shaftesbury
    9 Thomas Beasley East London Velo
    10 Stuart Lindsay St Ives
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    With Mr Bradshaw in the field it always seems such a relief when he manages to come home first somehow. Congratulations and best wishes!!

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    Default Congrats to Douglas

    I did ask Douglas at the chain gang if he was going to win, and he downplayed his chances, saying that he was "much slower and older than last time I won". Congrats!
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    Looking for any photes.

    I have been asked by the club, Cambridge evening news and the village news letter.

    Hope you can help.


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