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Not a huge amount has happened in the last few weeks, there isn't much good news, either so i have punctuated my paragraphs wth entertaining links. A couple of doors have closed on me but my offer with Meridiana remains on the table, the amount I need to raise is looking increasingly daunting however. Before my last blog post I had already raised around a third of the money that was required thanks to a couple of generous private backers. Since the blog post I haven't managed to increase my sponsorship whatsoever unfortunately, although it may have opened up a few leads.

The other bad news is that the Tour of Po Yang Lake has been postponed, since they still haven't given a new date yet the team I was to ride for has decided that they're unable to take part. Bummer.

An absolutely terrific cycling robot -

One of the problems with professional cycling teams is that they lack stability, if you compare the way the sport is structured with a format that actually works (like F1) then suddenly people can truly practice their profession. The way I see it professional cycling is far from professional, I mean, how else can I look at it when I see the situation I am in? At the moment very few cyclists enjoy a long career with a steady income before either moving on to do something else or (if they're very lucky) retiring altogether. Most pro cyclists seem to leave the sport way too early and with a bitter taste in their mouths. Someone that works for an F1 team treats it like a normal (but very hectic) job. This cannot be the case for any cyclist unless they're kidding themselves, the infrastructure and security simply doesn't exist. In the end it boils down to money (of course) most businesses that sponsor cycling with the interest of getting some sort of return only ever dip their toe in the water. You can't blame them, they have absolutely no idea what they're dipping their toe in to. The big sponsors want to ride the tour, which is the main platform for cycling sponsorship - but there is no guarantee that the team they sponsor will get picked. There are plenty of sponsors that aren't interested in a return, they just like cycling, these sponsors are the most stable, they are sponsors like Liquigas, Lampre, BMC and so on but they also include the myriad of much smaller sponsors that consistently chip in on local teams. It works in the same way that local businesses sponsor lower league football clubs in the UK, it's done out of love rather than hard nosed business nous.

The mighty Vinoukourov is going into Kazakhstan politics -

This lack of structure always leaves the riders in a pickle and never gets the best out of them or develops them for long enough, they move from team to team every year, sometimes to better teams, sometimes to worse. The move isn't necessarily just a function of their ability, potential or results but of the fluctuating market. The constant speculative dips of sponsor's toes varies from year to year and so the number of slots available for riders varies like a game of musical chairs. There is a long queue of riders waiting to be exploited, so if one of them wants to be paid the minimum wage (for example) then a team can always pick another far more willing participant who will take less (or nothing), it's a buyer's market and it always will be.

I know, depressing, isn't it? Here is a video of some awesome motocross racing -

It's a shame to see riders moving on before their time, unless it's for something more worthwhile like a medical degree, you can't do both. Other riders are calling it quits, too. These are just two that made Cyclingnews but Dan Lloyd is also out of a contract and will be quitting, at least for a while - a wise decision as I think he has mouths to feed. There is also no news on Roger Hammond who also appears to have been dropped by Garmin Cervelo, plus the whole women's team is in doubt, too.

OK, that's enough bad news and negativity. To cheer us up once again here is a miniature version of le tour:

These aren't problems that are going to go away any time soon and despite all of cycling's issues I still want to be part of it if I can, I just don't want to compromise this time. I am developing, learning, improving and want a bigger team. I have potential and I don't want it to not be fulfilled at this late stage. Perhaps cycling doesn't deserve the stability that it needs right now, but forgive my arrogance I think that I deserve some even if the sport doesn't. Why can't it be stable for me at least? If I could have some security whilst I follow my dreams surely someone could get some sort of return for providing it? Even if it's partly just a feel good return. To make things a little easier to convince potential sponsors I am currently in the process of making a proper website, which I will run in addition to this blog. It's not ready yet but here is the address -

It probably looks a bit too much like I'm trying to say that I'm entitled to something here. That is not my intention, I just want to try to be worth something as a cyclist, I just want to live and do the races that I am now ready for. I don't want to be a subsidised amateur anymore in the UK with a part time job, I have already gone as far as I want/can down that road for now. I am ready to be full time with a pro team in Italy, I'm 99% of the way there in every sense except fiscally. If you can help, or think you know someone that can than please email me so I can explain the situation in more detail -

In order to raise funds I am selling some stuff from my garage including my team bike, it's a Carrera Veleno frameset (no, not Halfords Carrera, the real Carrera). I'm also selling most of a Dura Ace groupset that came with it. Here is the list of parts and some links to photos:

Carrera Veleno frameset, size XL - Frame geometry here - It is a 2010 model and a little scratched, it comes with a headset and a Dura Ace BB installed (Italian thread). Photos here, here, here and here. RRP ~$3000, yours for 900 ono.

FSA Energy new ergo handlebars - 42cm centre to centre measurement. Photos here and here. 30.

Limar Pro 104 Ultralight helmet size M/L, photos here, here and here. 45

Not from the bike but I have some ISIS drive MTB cranks if anyone is interested, quite well used but with life yet in the chainrings, 175mm - Photo. 10

172.5mm Dura Ace chainset, nearly new condition - Photo. 250

Dura Ace shifters - absolutely mint condition - photo. 250

A couple of Elite bottle cages - Photo. 5 each.

Dura Ace front mech, excellent condition - Photo. 40

Dura Ace brake calipers, barely used, with nearly new pads in. - Photo. SOLD

Some old brake levers, would be great for a single speed or fixed gear - photo. 10

Ultegra SL rear mech, in perfect working order, 10 speed - Photo. 40

10 speed 11-25 Dura Ace cassette, barely used - Photo. 100

A lightly used Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset (without tires or cassette) - Photos here and here. 280

Postage costs whatever it costs, if you're interested then please email me -

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