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Padania Stage 2

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Stage 2: 187km from Loano to Vigevano, lots of little hills apart from one bigger one after around 40k.

More protests this time, some of these people are certainly passionate about their politics! Apparently the Liguria region is particularly against the Padania movement. We rode along the coast, much like yesterday a break was allowed to go pretty early so we only went hard for around 20k before entering club run mode. We seemed to ride along the coast for longer than we were supposed to, then we entered a large town and it got chaotic. There were lots of cars parked in the middle of the street with their hazards on. Basically the organisers tried to get crafty and reroute the race past the protesters. We ended up stopping in the middle of town, the riders cheered and we ended up going through the protesters. Craftiness failed. The police were holding them back pretty well. I just rode through with a smile on my face, so long as no one is harmed I guess its ok for now.

I think one of the things about cycling sponsorship is that itís hard to advertise anything specific, itís hard to really target any particular demographic or advertise a certain product that well. Cycling is best for Ďgenerating awarenessí (from the blue sky phrasebook) and that is what this race is doing in spades. The whole northern Italy autonomy thing is being discussed by everyone in Italy and itís all thanks to this race. I donít think the riders could care less though.

My computer said we did 197k today instead of the 187 on the programs, the only really hard part was on the climb, which was too early to really break anything up. It was interesting, at one point we were climbing and I realised I was in 39x11. We just pootled to the finish, in fact I think the breakaway riders blew slightly as with 20k to go we were still riding a steady 40-45kph. The sprinter teams donít want to catch the break too early as it makes things more difficult towards the end.

Attached is a photo of Marko and his broken front wheel. Quite an impact!

Tomorrow is long and could potentially split up at the end as we have a couple of hilly circuits to do before finishing.
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  1. TimW's Avatar
    It was interesting, at one point we were climbing and I realised I was in 39x11.
    Best line ever!

    One for the true wormelow tump.

    WORMELOW TUMP : (n.) Any seventeen-year-old who doesn't know about anything at all in the world other than bicycle gears. (From The Meaning of Liff)