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Cake, and lots of it.

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There is a great saying/quote about running training along the lines of "speedwork is just the icing on the cake, and at the moment you have no cake". It's the sort of phrase I would love to have come up with to say to an overly keen, halfwheeling cyclist on a particularly miserable and cold club run in December. Anyway, over a seven day period in Switzerland last week I managed to bake myself a 35 hour block of particularly dense, hardy, fruity miles in the Swiss Jura, staying in Morges by lake Leman, mmmmm, zesty!

It's the sort of week that if nothing else gives me the affirmation to myself that at least I've done a lot of training, it has worked for me in the past, anyway. I managed to get very tired, climb a lot, ride some fantastic new roads in a beautiful setting and really enjoy it, too. In many ways It was a lot like the week I spent in Gran Canaria right at the beginning of the year. For this mostly solo training camp I have to thank Duncan Alexander and his family for accomodating me for the week, Duncan was one of the first people I started cycling with many years ago when he was studying for his PhD in Cambridge. The gaps between rides were spent eating copious amounts of his food, watching the tour, a bit of babysitting and also sleeping. Thanks Duncan!

This weekend I shall be riding an open TT using the same roads as the National TT champs on September the 4th. Unfortunately it's looking increasingly likely that I will miss the main event, fortunately it will be because I shall hopefully be racing for my new team in Italy by then! The next day I (and quite a few others) will be trying to get my grubby mitts on a 1000 first prize for winning the Toachim GP down in Kent. Let's hope I'm not too tired by then.

Attached are some pretty high res photos of Switzerland in all it's natural beauty, the rest are on Facebook.
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