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Meridiana Kamen, more recovery etc.

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For those that don't yet know, whilst I've been busy recovering from a broken collar bone (i.e. I've not really very busy at all) my team manager Mauro has been busy on my behalf. I've been given the chance to ride for a Continental registered team in Italy until the end of the season called Meridiana - Kamen. It is a well established team, it's been around a few years and my team raced against them at the Tour of Serbia a few weeks ago. It's great news - I'll get a chance to ride some UCI races before the season is out, which should more than make up for missing the national champs and the Tour of Serbia.

Press release is here:

It'll certainly be an experience to ride for a team like this, there aren't many more details to reveal for now though, I'm not even 100% sure when I'll head over there yet as it depends on my collar bone (among other things). If things go well then there's a possibility I could ride with them in 2012.

It's been a while since I've posted and since I haven't really raced I should report that my team for the most part successfully completed (and competed) in the Tour of Serbia. Alex Ray was 7th and 10th in two stages and Wojciech got in the top 40 overall. Given that this was their first proper 2.2 Stage race it was a very solid set of results. Woj then went to Poland to ride his national champs, he had a bad day in the TT but managed a very solid 35th in the 200km road race... And unlike nearly all of the riders in the British champs he managed to finish within 2 minutes of the winner!

The last few weeks have been quite promising from the perspective of recovery, apart from a few little things the collar bone has been relatively low trouble.

I read this article in the onion, which I found hilarious:,20824/. Of course it doesn't apply to me because I was never in a cold and uncaring abyss in the first place.

One thing to come out in the last few weeks is a decision by FCI (The Italian BC) to not let riders who have served a suspension to ride for the Italian national team. It seems like an OK rule, the cynic in me just thinks it's a way of making the selection process a lot easier for the Worlds RR at the end of the year, it's always been tricky for the Italian captain (Paolo Bettini at the moment, remember him?). Here is the article:

Another rule has also been imposed by the UCI banning riders with a doping past from management roles within a team. It seems like a rather small and specific rule to me, but never mind, it's a step in the right direction, even if it's just a token one. I will call it the "Anti Vino rule". Article:

In other news my team mate Mark Holt and I tried our hands at cheapo wind tunnel testing the other day, we didn't have access to an indoor velodrome so we tried our luck at Welwyn. I basically did 4 lap intervals at a constant speed and recorded my power for various setups (different aero hats, aero bottles etc. etc.). It took 7 hours and I did 146km on the track, The problem is we're still analysing the data and we aren't sure whether our error bars were small enough to get anything useful (for most of the equipment, anyway). Time and a little bit of quality excel time will tell, naturally I'll post about it for those that are interested with a particularly nerdy blog post. The other annoying thing is I'm now not 100% certain if I'll be riding the national TT champs in Sept as I may be in Italy - which was the whole purpose of doing the testing in the first place!

I did do one race this last weekend, my first one back since the break in fact, it was an open 10 mile TT organised by Norwich ABC. I managed to win with quite a hefty margin, which was a really nice confidence boost despite pacing myself terribly and not averaging a super wattage as a result. More work to be done, but perhaps less than I thought.

For anyone reading this in Oz please go out and buy a copy of Ultimate Cycling Australia, I wrote a review of this year's tour route and an article about Aussie cycling moments in le tour. It's a new magazine and deserves support, thanks!

Photo made by teammate Rowan whilst on his travels around Europe:
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  1. whdeboer's Avatar
    Congratulations! Does this mean we might be seeing you in a breakaway with Cancellara at next year's E3 Prijs Vlaanderen Harelbeke ?

  2. David Mclean's Avatar
    Thanks! There is no guarantee that I'll ride with this team in 2012, it all depends on how this trip goes. Even so I have no idea what Meridiana's racing calendar is like but I suspect they don't have to leave Italy to race all that often.