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2012 - Meridiana Kamen

  1. Update - What's going on.

    Hi everyone, long time no post. I am still home and I'm still absolutely knackered. I have written a summary of everything so far on the VeloVeritas site:

    I'll probably do something on the LA investigation too if I feel like it.

    So without further ado please read the links I have gathered for your delectation, I'm sure one or more will be of interest:

    Firstly, I wrote this for ...
  2. Alan Rosner

    Alan Rosner was an eastern region institution and a very hard working volunteer of cycling who is going to leave a big hole in his place. He died suddenly a few days ago after a short battle with a very aggressive cancer.

    In 2007 Alan put on the first Dengie Marshes Tour (or rather he resurrected it), he started with a simple National B on a circuit with the aim of improving it year on year, which he did. This year it was a premier calendar on a route that must have been logistically ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  3. Blood blood blood

    I never told anyone about the final stage of Hellas, I spent it in the second following car chatting to our Greek Masseur Gregori. Hes a top guy and bought me a beer and a Souvlaki the night before to commiserate on my abandon. Since Davide was only a few seconds behind the leader on GC the team decided it was worth trying to do something even though there were no major climbs. The finish was slightly uphill and had lots of corners in the last few kilometres coming into the middle of Athens. The ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  4. Abandoning the tour of Hellas, stages 3 & 4.

    The team leader is at the top, if he wants a bottle you get him a bottle, if his chain comes off you wait and bring him back to the front again, he gets the choice draft and first dibs, no worries, he won Liege and he's a nice guy.

    Next down the hierarchy come the other riders, as soon as the race is over we do as little as possible until the next stage, we are massaged and our bags are carried for us to our rooms. If we want food it is given to us, if we want water it is there. So ...
  5. UCI 2.2 Tour of Hellas, stage 1&2

    Stage one: Ancient Corinth to Leonidion 138k

    Something gelled on our team today, it was great to race as a single unit. We had someone in every move, the one I got into looked promising-ish until I went over a railway crossing and punctured my front tub, although to be fair only one other rider in our group of seven appeared to be committed. Roberto also punctured on the same crossing so it took a while for us both to change wheels; we got back into the peloton again without too ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
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