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  1. Abandoning the tour of Hellas, stages 3 & 4.

    The team leader is at the top, if he wants a bottle you get him a bottle, if his chain comes off you wait and bring him back to the front again, he gets the choice draft and first dibs, no worries, he won Liege and he's a nice guy.

    Next down the hierarchy come the other riders, as soon as the race is over we do as little as possible until the next stage, we are massaged and our bags are carried for us to our rooms. If we want food it is given to us, if we want water it is there. So ...
  2. Blog on tour!

    Coming up next week is the Tour of Hellas, it's 5 days of hilly road stages starting on Wednesday in ancient Corinth. Watch this space for reports -assuming I have internet access- otherwise observe Twitter or Facebook for much shorter reports.

    Oh, and Davide Rebellin is joining the squad and will be riding with us in Greece, I suspect I will be bottle fetcher from now on.

    My blog is on tour this week - I have written about Greece and Rebellin on the acclaimed Velo ...

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