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Alan Lawrence
13-06-2005, 03:54 PM
Message below from Ben Paton/Ian Coles;

'Colchester Rovers and Angliasport have regrettably cancelled the E/1/2/3 event of the Abberton Road Races on 3 July 2005 due to only 14 entries received by the closing date. The 2/3/4/W race is definitely on as it has a full field and reserves. The race HQ has been changed to Peldon Village Hall.'

Many thanks for your anticipated assistance. If you have any queries about this, please feel free to contact event organiser Ian Coles (as published) or myself.

Ben Paton, Angliasport
W Tel. (01206) 282583
H Tel. (01206) 524545

13-06-2005, 05:47 PM
Oh dear.
I told Ben at the ERRL meeting that it clashed with too many other races. So many E/1/2 free weekends too. A shame. Hope this doesn't deter from promoting it next year

Tony Asplin
17-06-2005, 07:10 PM
Abberton RR Field 2/3/4/J Race

No Christian Name Surname Club/Team/Sponsors
1 Rob Hobbs Angliasport/Condor Cycles/Continental/Campagnolo/Dedacci
2 Martin Meades API Metrow/Heritage of Brentwood
3 Eric Blanc Cambridge CC/CVE/Almonde
4 Matthew Dicker Cambridge CC/CVE/Almonde
5 Steve Hubbard Cambridge CC/CVE/Almonde
6 David Mclean Cambridge CC/CVE/Almonde
7 Digby Symons Cambridge CC/CVE/Almonde
8 Ken Baker Colchester Rovers CC
9 Lee Harvey Colchester Rovers CC
10 Boris Tang Colchester Rovers CC
11 Alan Norris Crest CC - Ilford
12 Grant Smith Crest CC - Ilford
13 Philip Hersey Eagle RC
14 Simon Bateson Elite CC
15 Nigel Brooks Essex Roads CC
16 James Cocker Finsbury Park CC
17 Neal Marin Finsbury Park CC
18 Mike Crockfod Glendene CC / Biketrax
19 Kristian Downs Glendene CC / Biketrax
20 Andrew Elderfield Glendene CC / Biketrax
21 Will Hedden Glendene CC / Biketrax
22 Brad Lamb Glendene CC / Biketrax
23 Brett Travers Glendene CC / Biketrax
24 Nick Watson Glendene CC / Biketrax
25 David Boakes Harlow CC / Impsport / Dalkia
26 John Bartram Interbike/Velo Schils/Boyer Planing/Chateau Wines Londis
27 Craig Beech Interbike/Velo Schils/Boyer Planing/Chateau Wines Londis
28 Steven Griffiths Interbike/Velo Schils/Boyer Planing/Chateau Wines Londis
29 John Ireland Interbike/Velo Schils/Boyer Planing/Chateau Wines Londis
30 Mike Smith Interbike/Velo Schils/Boyer Planing/Chateau Wines Londis
31 Neil Chapman Maldon & District CC
32 Trevor Burke North Road CC
33 Alan Lovegrove North Road CC
34 John Turton North Road CC
35 Rob Bryant Shaftesbury CC
36 Dean Shannon Southend Wheelers
37 Mark Waller Southend Wheelers
38 Nick Esser VC Baracchi
39 Ben McCluskey VC Baracchi
40 Savash Anibal Victoria CC/Cilos Uno/Abbey Business/Plowman Craven
41 Philip Jones Dulwich Paragon
42 David Williams London Dynamo/Cyclefit
43 Scott Milton CC Luton/Bandon Cleaning/Eddingtons
44 Jeremy Phillips Metropolitan Police CC
45 Ken Phillips Metropolitan Police CC
46 Mark Agnew Norfolk Drywall/Borwell Cycles
47 Joseph Fletcher Team Economic Energy/Economic Energy
48 Ed Graefe Team Economic Energy/Economic Energy
49 Nicholas George Team Economic Energy/Economic Energy
50 Edgar Medellin Team Sport & Publicity/Endura/Dolan/Athletes1/Air Tool Services
51 Michael Summers FVS TRI
52 Vince Divine CC Luton/Bandon Cleaning/Eddingtons
53 Martin Hunter 53-12 Multisports
54 Pat Hayes Orbea GB/Orbea/Ciclos Uno
55 Hugo Robins Team Economic Energy/Economic Energy
56 Roger Molinari Team Economic Energy/Economic Energy
57 Johny Torres Team Sport & Publicity/Endura/Dolan/Athletes1/Air Tool Services
58 Dan Fentiman Tri & Run Race Team
59 Tom Bandy BC PM Eastern Division
60 Richard Webb Farnborough & Camberley CC/East Street Cycles

Tony Asplin
17-06-2005, 07:29 PM
Just to reply to the previous doner to this thread, due to the late thoughts of bringing this joint event to Eastern Division Calendar there were no other free dates avaliable.

In hindsite it may have been prudent to put on a 3/4/J Event as an official ERRL event plus have an E/1/2/3 Open Event for the the better quaility riders to have a race.

However due to the short term loss of our original headquarters Boadicea Way, Colchester for 2005 season (a total rebuild) then this is the best thing that could happen.

I could not see 100 riders getting ready to race from the confines of Peldon Village Hall