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05-11-2011, 04:22 PM
8.00pm, Thursday 17th November 2011
At The Sports Centre, Boadicea Way, Colchester, Essex CO2 9BG

1) Apologies for absence

2) Approve minutes of 2010 Annual General Meeting

3) Secretary’s/Chairman’s Reports

4) Treasurer’s Report

5) Website Manager’s Report

6) Election of Officers:
Chairman – Currently Joan Potts
Secretary - Currently Margaret Hargreaves
Treasurer - Currently Ann Illingworth
Website Manager – Currently Chris Brooking
League Competition Officer (Post not filled and see below rule 5)

7) Election of the Committee (Up to 4 ex officio)

Present committee

Roy Godbeer (Southend Wheelers), Simon Bateson (East London Velo )
Richard Whitehorn (Glade CC), Eric Gowland (Cambridge CC). Malcolm Hargreaves, (Colchester Rovers)

Proposed ERRL Rule Changes (Committee)

8) Rule 5. Delete the section concerning the League Competition Officer.
Note: This post was not filled last year and the Eastern Region Competition Administrator is directed by BC HQ to facilitate a balanced programme of events. Therefore it does not seem necessary for us to have this position.

9) Rule 5. Replace the existing rule with – The League shall be governed by the delegates of member clubs (one voting delegate per club), who shall elect annually at the AGM a management committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer who may offer themselves for re-election even if their club withdraws from the League. The management committee shall be responsible for the general administration of League affairs. A Committee member may hold two positions but not all three.
Note: This is to address the fact that in the past key officials have been re-elected when their club has withdrawn from the League, usually due to no one willing to take up the position and the delegates being satisfied with the existing officers.

10) Rule 6 . Insert between d) and e) – To elect a webmaster. Then re-number the others.
Note: This is to address the omission from the existing rule.

11) Rule 11d. Add at the end – The number and selection of reserve riders is at the discretion of the organiser. There must be no more than 25% of the main field as allowed under the BC Technical Regulations. They should not be listed alphabetically in name or club order.
Note: This is because there was a lot of controversy at the beginning of this year concerning the selection of reserves, and it was felt by those concerned that it would be better if the rules made the situation clear. The reason it would be best not to have the reserves in alphabetical order is that those whose club name is at the end of the alphabet would be disadvantaged.

12) Rule 13. Add after the words Accredited Marshals - / BC Trained Marshals.
Note: BC will not be rolling out the Accredited Marshal Scheme country wide, it will remain in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk, but will be replaced in the rest of the country with BC Trained Marshals.

Proposed ERRL Rule Change (Colchester Rovers CC)

13) Rule 13. Add - Existing Member Clubs failing to provide one or more of these officials may be removed from the league at the discretion of the Committee.
Note: This will cover for example situations where some member clubs have been unaware of the rule change or where a club member resigns as a BC Official or leaves the club.

14) Club Applications to join The Eastern Road Race League

XRT Elmy Cycles (Ipswich) - Nat B Race on 9th September 2012
Strada Sport (Norfolk) – Nat B Race 13th May 2012
North Norfolk Wheelers – No event registered yet.

15) Confirm Road program for 2012 and ERRL Championship Road Race

16) Agree location for 2012 AGM

17) Prize presentation

ERRL Team Champions 2011

East London Velo

17 Riders scoring points and gaining Gilt Medals

ERRL Overall Road Race Championship 2011

Position Rider Club /Team Award
1st Steven Griffiths PCH UK Racing Team Plaque
2nd Andrew Hastings Finchley RT Silver Medal
3rd Jamie Caldwell St Ives CC Bronze Medal

ERRL Criterium Championship 2011
(Ixworth Criterium) promoted by the West Suffolk Wheelers
Position Rider Club /Team Award
1st Mark Thompson St Ives CC Plaque
2nd Richard Dunnett Diss and District CC Silver Medal
3rd Michael Auger VC Norwich Bronze Medal

Note : An Individual Road Race Championship was not held in 2011

13) Any other competent business

14) Close meeting.

Note: Annual subscriptions of 15.00 are due from member clubs at the date of the AGM. Payments should be sent to the treasurer Ann Illingworth, 289 Carlton Avenue, Westcliff on Sea, Essex SS0 0PX.

09-11-2011, 10:51 AM
Hi Joan,

Please could I just add a correction to the above agenda in regards to the XRT Elmys RR. It is to be a National B event as agreed with Derek, rather than a Regional A.


09-11-2011, 12:12 PM
Hi Jonny,

I have corrected my post above and informed the Secretary.

09-11-2011, 12:13 PM
Thanks very much Joan.